We’ve assisted organizations across various sizes and sectors in designing, constructing, and deploying cutting-edge machine learning solutions. Explore more about some of the industries where we’ve made an impact below.

Technology & Software

Our inventive solutions have empowered technology companies to redefine their operational paradigms. Whether ensuring accurate financial outcomes through data analysis or integrating machine learning into web and mobile apps, our team possesses extensive experience in constructing and implementing tailored ML solutions.

Sports Innovation

We introduce cutting-edge technologies to the realm of sports, incorporating tracking, activity recognition, pose estimation, and beyond. Construct personalised video-based analytics pipelines and bespoke camera solutions to provide your team or betting company with the competitive advantage needed for success.


Navigating the dynamic and competitive landscape of the financial sector is a significant challenge. We specialise in assisting companies to personalise financial strategies and incentives, maximising client engagement through strategic and effective investment approaches.


Navigating player engagement in this fast-paced, competitive environment presents a significant challenge. We assist companies in tailoring promotions and incentives to optimise customer engagement through strategic reinvestment.