As a prominent provider of bespoke machine learning software and solutions, Atmos Data stands at the forefront.

Our team of seasoned machine learning scientists and engineers brings a rich background of cross-industry experience, adept at constructing and deploying machine learning solutions to address the most formidable challenges faced by organisations.

Our Values


Our commitment revolves around prioritising our clients. Your needs and challenges take precedence, and by deeply understanding your business, we can effectively address those challenges.


In the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of data science, which is often misunderstood, our credibility serves as a foundational element of our identity.


Each stage of our process is marked by rigor. Results are rigorously validated before dissemination, and when encountering challenges in client data, we maintain transparency.


Collaboration is the lifeblood connecting our clients, the Atmos team, and the broader data science community. Internally, we freely share knowledge and readily seek assistance from one another.


We prioritise scalability and efficiency as much as our clients do. From our project management tools to our development process and documentation, effectiveness is ingrained in our core.


Amidst our work, we relish in lively video game tournaments, communicate using an abundance of GIFs, and inject a bit of humor into our interactions.