We specialise in designing and constructing solutions

Assisting leading enterprises in the creation, engineering, and deployment of personalised end-to-end machine learning and AI products. Our cutting-edge platforms enable swift deployment and scalability, reducing time investment significantly.

Shaped by diverse industry expertise

Our experience spans collaborations with forward-thinking entities across the spectrum, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We’ve made impactful contributions in diverse sectors such as technology, gaming, Finance and beyond.

Powered by Excellence

Our team of full-stack data scientists and engineers propels innovation forward. Leveraging a diverse range of research and development skills, scientific precision, and a profound understanding of cutting-edge techniques, we specialise in crafting, constructing, and implementing customized ML/AI solutions.

Our Platforms

Empowering companies to expedite innovation in data science and machine learning, our array of platforms minimizes time-to-market and encourages pioneering research.

Reinforcement Learning

Build, test, and deploy reinforcement learning-based optimization platforms for next-best- action recommendation at scale.

Machine Learning

Rapidly build and embed machine learning pipelines in distributed, large-scale web applications.

Atmos Vision

Deploy custom, continuously-improving deep learning vision models in the cloud. Predict, train, and become more accurate over time.

Atmos Forecasting

Anticipate the future with cutting-edge forecasts. Empower intelligent decision-making across your organization using cloud-based tools for monitoring and analysis.